Welcome to Plant and Water


A site dedicated to our family and friends, and all others who wish to join us.

We have created several different categories:
  1. Family & Friends: A monthly (usually) offering on Biblical topics.
  2. Musings and Rants:  A variety of impressions usually on current topics.
  3. Other:  Anything that doesn’t fit anywhere else.

Information for Our Family, Friends, and All Others

Greetings Everyone,

Pat and I believe that all Christians have a desire and obligation to be used by God in every way possible.  All of our life experiences are unique and valuable to someone.  We love to hear stories and testimonies of God working among His children as He brings us ever closer to the likeness of our Savior Jesus Christ.  We are encouraged and thankful to see God alive and well in the lives of the rich and famous, the seemingly insignificant peasant isolated in a far corner of the world, and everyone in between.  We are all God’s children and loved by Him.

We especially have an important responsibility to “Tend the Garden” within our family as well as that of other persons the Lord might bring into our sphere of influence.  We are called upon to “Plant and Water” the Word of God as we have opportunity and then leave the “Growing” up to God.  That is the sole purpose of this website.  We don’t presume to have any special wisdom others don’t have, except that our experiences are unique (and so are yours) and hope they will be of interest to others.  We hope to have others join us in sharing their unique experiences as well.

There is a category, “Musings and Rants,” where other ideas can be expressed that don’t necessarily have any spiritual value but may offer some interesting takes on a variety of topics.  Then there is “Other” which will serve as a catch all.  Thank you for visiting, hope you come back.