America vs. Obama: Good vs. Evil

I love auctions. Sometimes I get real buys (cheap), and sometimes I get auction fever (expensive). Actually I really only got active auction fever once and learned my lesson the hard way when I just had to win the bid and ended up paying twice what the item was worth. Of course the auctioneers love to see bidders get infected with auction fever and run up the price. I see that happen at about every auction I’ve attended.

I attended an estate auction recently about fifteen miles out in the country among farms and dairies. I like estate auctions because the variety of items provides a little something for everyone. Since the lady who commissioned the auction was moving into town, this particular auction didn’t have the usual household items, but mainly tools, machinery, dog houses (she bred expensive dogs) and other outdoor stuff. Included, was a 30/30 rifle, and a small glass case containing very old silver dollars and nickels.

What was remarkable in this setting, was the location of the rifle and coins. They had been placed on a table in a large metal building that was filled with other auction items. The auctioneer was working his way through the large yard filled with items and would eventually end up in the metal building (after about 2 or 3 hours). Meanwhile 95% of the attendees were crowded around the auctioneer, while the rest wandered the grounds looking at what was available. No one was “policing” the area to protect any merchandise from “walking off.”

Having been raised in a relatively large city, I knew the danger of leaving anything of value unattended anywhere, especially small, valuable items. But there they were, ready for someone to quickly open the case and make off with old, valuable, silver dollars. But it didn’t happen. In fact there are small towns all across America where similar scenarios are played out daily. These real Americans have been taught, take to heart and practice, “Thou shalt not steal.”

Back in town (population 12,000) a few days later, myself and every other car on the street pulled over and paid our respects to a funeral procession of a several-blocks-long line of cars on its way to the cemetery. That included cars going in both directions. These real Americans respect each other, including the deceased. They believe in the sanctity of life.

Although being an initially reluctant transplant from a larger city, I gradually grew fond of my small city (large town actually) because of the normalcy of the citizens. Most are hard workers who do not want a hand-out. They respond not only to the basic biological/psychological nature of having pride in providing for themselves and their families, they believe in the Biblical teaching, “If a man doesn’t work, he doesn’t eat.” Yet because of this basic nature and training, they will be the first in coming to the aid of anyone who is in genuine need. These real Americans work hard and lend a helping hand.

During the several decades of living here, I cannot remember a time when anyone ever lied to me or made a promise that was not kept (actually, I do remember one, but I believe it to be the result of a faulty memory, not a lapse of integrity). These same people take pride in their honesty and integrity. There are no “word games”, “euphemisms”, or intentional deceit. As the old cliche goes, “They say what they mean, and mean what they say.” This not only goes for individuals, but for the businesses as well.

These basic qualities of character that the majority of real Americans share, are not the values that are played out on the national scene by the news media or entertainment business. Those in control of the air waves, most print media, and entertainment (with the exception of Fox news and talk radio) are members of the “Elite Party” of know-it-alls who look down on the real Americans as being sort of a lower caste or peasant bunch. It doesn’t matter that this “lower caste” group comprises about 85% of the populace.

Why else would Harry Reid make the condescending comment that he could “smell the tourists” that visited his office in Washington. Why else would Andrea Mitchell, with the same condescending attitude, state that those protesting Obama’s health care were ignorant because “They don’t know what’s good for them.” And the worst, was Obama making a derogatory comment in San Francisco that during tough times middle America would “cling to guns or religion” being afraid of others who are different.

These are the voices of the Democratic party. The people who will kill unborn babies. The people who will take money from the hard working real Americans and give it to those who will not work. The people who will obfuscate their language to intentionally deceive.

Why is it that these coastal “Elitists” believe exactly the opposite of 85% of the real Americans? The answer is really very simple. The real Americans are Christians; the leaders of the Democratic party are pagans. The high profile news and entertainment celebrity “Elitists” controlling the media are all Democrats. Of course most of the pagan politicians will feign religious belief because it serves them in getting elected, but their blasphemy is easily detected.

To claim that you are a Christian and then support the killing of unborn babies is a lie of the most sinister kind. These same pagans will also support physician assisted suicide, and will without a doubt enact “death panels” if given the opportunity. Why do they support such pagan practices? Very simple. God, speaking in the Bible, says, “Those who hate me, love death.” The Democratic far-left leadership hate real Americans and God.

If Obama was a Christian as he claims, he would not accuse the real Americans of “clinging to their guns and religion”, in a demeaning way. Rather, he would join them and say that real Americans would rise to ever higher levels because they believe in the true God who built this country into the great nation it is. Instead, he uses the “cling to their guns and religion” in a derogatory sense that echos the writings of Karl Marx that “Religion is the opiate of the people.” There is no difference in the intent of the two comments. Obama continues to reveal his Marxist philosophy over and over again. Obama is not Christian. At the very least he is a Muslim wanting to change America into a Muslim country. At the worst he is a Communist using Marxist economic principles to change America into the paternal provider that he never had. His psychological attachment disorder is deep and pathological as it was with all his past dictator heros, and is now with the current radical liberal minds that surround him.
The age old battle between good and evil has been portrayed over and over again throughout history in poetry, prose, song, and theater. The Bible is the original source to explain that the battle is real; that the sinful nature of man is in constant conflict with God’s purpose; that left to his own devices man will turn from God and do “what is right according to his own eyes.”

The Democratic party leaders in Washington are “doing what is right according to their own eyes”; eyes that are covered with a veil of Satan’s making. The real Americans (85%) of every political party are Christians. As the insidious plan of the deceivers in Washington becomes more obvious, the real Americans with the veil removed are beginning to see the clear picture. And the message is: America vs. Obama-Good vs. Evil.


  1. Eric Worthing (your loving nephew) says:

    What would be the moral difference between killing a baby in the womb of an American woman as opposed to killing a baby in the womb of an Iraqi woman?

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