Bed, Breakfast, Tiled Bath and Beyond

We met Molly and Ronny while checking in.  Both were really friendly and acted like they had known us forever.  Actually the owners Phillip and Renee were the same way.  Even if their down-home friendliness was not a heartfelt love for people, it was welcomed and very good for business.

Our room was different from all the rest, all of which were detached and clustered around the main building.  One door opened onto a little patio and another opened directly into the breakfast dining room of the main building.

We put some things in the room and came out into the breakfast room leaving our door about halfway open.  After chatting with the owners in the lobby, which was off the breakfast room, we started toward our room when I caught a glimpse of movement through the open door.  Some place this is!  I turn my back for a few minutes and someone is already rummaging around in our room.

I quickly opened the door and to my surprise it’s our new acquaintance Molly!  I announced loudly, “Molly’s in our room.”  The owner quickly shouted, “Molly, get out of there.”  Molly made a quick exit.  Did I mention that Molly is their dog?  And, also, Ronny is their cat.  Now that is down-home hospitality.

Bob checked in for a one-night stay on his way to a new home in Aspen, Colorado.  He had attended a funeral in Texas.  This B&B was a favorite stay.  Bob was the kind of guy who after ten or fifteen minutes would be everyone’s friend in a crowded room.  Pat on occasion has joked about me always asking people too many questions.  I can find out a lot of information without being threatening, I think.

Bob has me beat; he zeros in without being intrusive.  I think it’s just an interest in people.  I found out that Bob is a private investigator who for twelve years was the personal bodyguard of Dr. Ed Young, the well-known pastor of the Second Baptist Church in Houston, Texas, with no pay I might add.  His “soldier of fortune” life, too extensive to relate here, was all on the side.  He apparently was a very successful land developer in Texas.   When you think of the quintessential Texan, Bob is the man.  I’m sure he (and I in my Walter Mitty moments) secretly wants to be a Texas Ranger.

The setting at this B&B was spectacular.  Set back in a forest of trees with a winding tree lined drive that led into the compound; an old adobe hacienda converted into a getaway of sorts.  You could actually spend your whole time sitting on the portico watching Molly and Ronny and listening to the water flow over the rocks of the brook running right through the compound.  You could not see out, and no one could see in.

Renee always wrote on a whiteboard the breakfast menu for the next day.  We were anxious to see how “broiled grapefruit” would taste since the two didn’t seem to go together.  It was delicious.  The brown sugar sprinkled on before broiling did the trick.  Fresh eggs came from the chickens visible when driving in.  They shared a pen with a couple of goats, one of which was always standing on a platform chewing on a tree?  Other breakfast items were as delicious and different.

If you’ve gotten this far you’re probably wondering why this whole thing is being written in the first place.  Big deal, a B&B, so what’s new.  Well, this just happens to be our first B&B experience thanks to our kids who provided this excursion as part of our fiftieth wedding anniversary.  Our history of lodging has progressed over the years from Motel 6’s, to Holiday Inn’s, and now to this B&B, which has them all beat!  Except, if we tried to keep this up we could eventually only afford Motel 6 (shudder).

There is more to our story; these are just the highlights.  It was a great time, thanks to the kids.  And what bout the “tiled bath?”  My gosh, you wouldn’t even believe that.





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