Born Conservative

The history of mankind has a common theme that runs through almost every civilization and social construct that defines human relationships.  There are those who want to be leaders and rule over everyone either by linage, divine right, or other means, and those who resent the rulers and want to be free.  Not everyone agrees, ever.  The best situation was a benevolent leader who allowed some freedom and ruled with a modicum of compassion while not being a psychopath.

And so it goes between the two poles with circumstances determining the full extent of either one.  With the emergence of democracies and republics, not “peoples republics,” the polarity has not abated, except currently elected factions, at least for now, are not setting up guillotines.  The struggle between freedom and control goes on with us “peasants” in the middle trying to determine who is telling the truth and/or trying to buy votes.

The underlying philosophical drivers are ignored by everyone for the most part in favor of short-term solutions that are basically taken to influence the next election.  Unfortunately the majority of people do not have the time or energy to become knowledgeable of the differences; they worry about putting food on the table.  Consequently they vote generally on the promises of politicians who seem most likely to keep the food coming.

From the beginning there have also been those who believe they have the answer to building the ideal society.  They think there is a way to order human behavior, means of production, monetary policy, ownership of property, and more, which will bring health, wealth and happiness so everyone can live happily ever after.  Of course the planners would be in charge since no one else is smart enough to understand and make it work.  There is no dissent or opting out, except for the leaders.

The problem with all attempts at such utopian plans is that they never work for long, eventually enacting brutal coercion that finally forces an uprising seeking to change the system.  The main reason such utopian systems fail, is that they all operate contrary to human nature.  The never ending (yet) battle between good and evil, God and Satan, is reframed in social and political terms.  Theoretical structures that violate man’s nature will not succeed.

The current polarity between the conservatives and liberals in the United States is a clear battle between the nature of man in contrast to the “mind” of man.  The difference is how man conducts himself compared to how one “thinks” man should conduct himself.  The latter is man made, the former is God made.  The founders of our country were so wise in understanding this basic difference that they framed the truth in the Declaration of Independence with the famous statement all men “are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

All of mankind has been “wired” by God to want the freedom to make their own decisions, provide for their families, be free of coercion, to work and enjoy the fruits of their labor, help those in need, and to worship God.  These do not need to be taught but are fundamental drives of the human heart forming the basis of conservative thought.  They are simply rights to which the “Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them.”  Every person is born conservative!

Contrary to political discourse, conservatism is not an ideology in the sense of being a set of ideas that form social and political theory.  It is a social and economic view based on human behavior, which is based on how humans are made, which is based on how God created man.  That to which man is entitled is based on God’s endowment, not on man’s permission or coercion.  Every person is born conservative!

In contrast, the “wisdom of men” comes up with ideologies that run counter to man’s nature.  Control their work, pay, education, movement, speech, social activities, thinking, and every other aspect of life so that the government becomes their “happiness.”  All with the idea of a perfect society where all are equal.  The only problem is that this runs contrary to man’s DNA.  It ignores God and vigorously attempts His eradication since He competes with those of the “State” who are taking His place.  Man-made ideologies are always godless.  Liberals are shaped not born that way.

The sad part of this is that intentional dependency, which is the goal of liberals, can create “learned helplessness” in which people lose the will to earn their own way.  They lose the self-respect of providing for family and being responsible for their own lives.  But, thankfully, the majority of people will never succumb to the path of least resistance by taking the earnings of others without their permission.  That group will be the vanguard of resistance to anything ungodly.  And why?  Because they are “endowed by their Creator.”  They are born that way.  And in today’s terms, that is conservative.  It is normal and natural.

A word of clarification.  The average working American, who identifies with the Liberal party, is not the politician or activist that ruins nations.  They usually have a concern for the poor and needy and believe that the Liberal party represents those people.  They are part of those who have neither the time or energy to dig into the philosophical basis and background of the Liberal party to learn of their self serving goals couched in deceptive language appealing to the goodness of the people.  Of course there is the group of generational welfare people and those who are ever ready to mooch off of the hard working folks who are forced to pay for their thievery.  They are the biggest supporters of the Liberal “Robber Barons.”

The Liberal leaders, those who want to turn the world into a Socialist State, know exactly what they are doing.  Their background is usually littered with abusive upbringing, hatred of those who “have,” and a vindictive desire to get even with anyone who opposes them.  They are atheists and believe in the Communist plan to rid the world of any form of religion.  They particularly hate Christians.  In its worse form it mirrors the French Revolution of unbridled violence that was copied throughout the 20th century in the slaughter of over 100 million people around the world in the attempt to establish the utopian plan of the perfect godless society.  The only thing it proved was that fallen men without God are capable of atrocious acts to satisfy their own perverted ideas of grandeur.

For those interested in a definitive work of analysis, I recommend the book, “The Liberal Mind – The Psychological Causes of Political Madness,” by Lyle Rossiter, M.D.  Dr. Rossiter is not the first Psychiatrist to weigh in on the sociopathic (and psychopathic) behavior of troubled people who want to run the world.

And finally.  You know you’re on the right track when verification is found in the Bible.  Ecclesiastes 10:2 reads, “The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left.”  That settles it, no?





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