Christians and Jews: The Most Hated

It doesn’t take long before those who are inclined begin mistreatment of those who are an easy mark. It’s the normal inclination of human nature to gain an advantage where possible usually in a non-violent way, but using force, for some, if it comes to that.

Bullies are quick to detect a weakness not to defend oneself and pounce on the opportunity for control. Schools are notorious for the inability to control those kids who having watched a family member control others with threats and violence believe that is the way the world works and join in. In reality, that is the way the world works. Fallen human beings operate on power, the survival of the fittest, if you will. And if you won’t knuckle under with words, you will be forced to submit.

Ever so often a government body somewhere in the world convenes to conduct business wearing suits, ties and professional attire. Then something happens and chairs start flying and punches are thrown to finish and sum up the meeting, it appears. Education, intelligence and social graces are at times a thin veneer that when breeched brings forth the “real us.” If you don’t agree with me or insult me, lets duke it out. This points out the fact that the world works on the power principle and those not willing to fight are fair game for the bullies. What ever happened to the challenge of an honorable duel?

The most vulnerable of “easy prey” groups worldwide are Christians and Jews. The Jews however have had the longest history of persecution and directed hatred simply because no group matches the sheer number murdered during the holocaust, plus they have been around longer. In current times Christians are being targeted and slaughtered in more places around the world as never before. The fact that probably the next largest group being attacked today is Muslims doesn’t qualify because they’re killing each other. Real Christians and Jews don’t kill each other, Muslims do.

A recent newscast personality was interviewing an author on his book about the plight of the Jews and asked, apparently with sincerity, why it was that Jewish people had such a history of persecution unlike any other group? The author mentioned a variety of reasons including banking, business, family, accused inferiority and other worn out surface issues. I was amazed that these informed, intelligent men seemed to intentionally skirt the real reason, but kept waiting for the other to be the first in pointing it out. It seemed that neither one wanted to be known for saying what each surely had to be thinking. But if neither had any idea, I am shocked by that ignorance.

The answer? The Israelites are God’s chosen people. It really is that simple and nothing new. How do I know? The Bible tells me so. Other groups of people have accomplished the same as the Jews, and even more, but none of that is held against them. Why then the Jews? How else can you explain the survival of such an unlikely bunch against worldwide hatred for most of their existence? How likely would it have been for a dispersed people to regroup after centuries and reestablish their original nation? That has never been done before, but it happened, according to Biblical prophecy.

Christianity, being one eighty from the other “religion of peace,” is in reality a real religion of peace. The New Testament is replete with teaching of peaceful living, and even not to “resist an evil man.” Because we are taught to “love our enemies,” that kind of behavior is seized upon by those inclined to take advantage. During the early beginnings of Christianity, believers were treated just as bad as have been the Jews. The difference is that Christians are made up of every ethnicity and race, which makes them blend into a melting pot of believers. Not so with the Jews who, for those inclined, practice Judaism but are made up of Jews only. Rarely does a “Gentile” convert to Judaism and even then they are not really Jews and do not ever find complete acceptance.

Now times are changing. Christians are being singled out in all societies as blight on the landscape. Where they are not being martyred and slaughtered, such as in Islamist countries, they are regularly denied benefits and opportunities simply because they are Christian as in, for example, the United States. Yes, that’s right, the United States. Professors denied tenure, students not admitted into certain programs, losing a job for taking a Christian stand, and more. It is happening with increasing regularity as outcry from the public diminishes and pagan bullies are emboldened. Interestingly, this is not happening to any other religion. If you are of any religion other than Christian, you are safe. In fact, many institutions will accommodate the needs of providing even “prayer rugs.” Just don’t mention Jesus.

The age-old tension providing plots for theatre, opera, musicals, movies, novels or where ever drama is presented, is the eternal battle of good vs. evil. The topic doesn’t change, just the setting. Since this mirrors life experiences, everyone is attracted to watching it play out. The real battle is not on stage, however, but is playing out in “the heavenly realms,” using real life as its vehicle. Human drama in all its forms is simply the irresistible urge to constantly deal with the unseen reality. God and the Devil are at war for our souls. Christians and Jews are the only ones who worship the one true God, even though the Jews, tragically, do not accept the Messiah Jesus Christ. All other religions are copies, but not the real thing.

The Bible rightly depicts this eternal battle of unseen forces. Many who despise Christians and Jews have never probed the depths of their motivation to find the source of their hatred and fear. Satan does not want them to. They are simply puppets on strings doing the will of demons until such time, hopefully, they allow God through Christ to cut those strings and set them free. Until then the world will follow the god of this world and continue to persecute Jews and Christians through economics, government, education, social pressure, even death and anything else the Devil can control for his desire to steal, kill and destroy.

So from the beginning of time, the battle rages on. If all veneer could be stripped away we could see clearly that the battle is not between men, but between the fallen angels in Satan’s control, and the God of creation whose Spirit holds back these forces of evil. The drama is playing out in each individual’s life as he/she answers the call of God, or the god of this world. The day is coming, according to the Bible, when in God’s perfect timing history will come to an end at the second coming of our Lord Christ Jesus. The righteousness of God will Judge the soul of each person according to his or her decision of what to do with Jesus, and where to spend eternity; heaven or hell.





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