Most everyone believes that he or she is exceptional in one way or another. And while being exceptional is usually in a positive light, it can go both ways. Being attractive, homely, athletic, klutzy, smart, dumb, rich, poor, and other characteristics can cause one to believe that he or she is not common. And we all can think of someone whom we believe is somehow exceptional.

From the beginning, exceptionality has always been part of human existence. The divine rights of kings, the caste system, God’s representative, God’s chosen people and a host of other attributes that set one or some apart from the common man. Empires have come and gone, some of which it was believed would reign forever. The Nazi’s predicted they would rule a thousand years. Communism would rule the world. The rise to power of the Democratic progressives in 2008 was so overwhelming that James Carville wrote a book about the beginning of forty years of domination. None of these exceptionalities lasted (other than God’s chosen people, Israel).

The element of exceptionality is witnessed constantly. All parents want their children to be exceptionally brilliant, athletic, good-looking, successful or anything that will give a head start and set them apart from the crowd. We are hard-wired to strive and become better than the next guy. Males are especially competitive in sports and “guy things.” Females are much the same, but in more subtle and different ways. People strive to be successful in business, politics, relationships and one-up-manship. That’s how God made us. Survival, if you will..

Socialism and Marxism, in the 20th century, focused on a different way of thinking. It wasn’t right for one to excel more than the others. It wasn’t fair. Everyone should share with the others regardless of education, motivation or abilities. It’s called “from each according to his abilities, and to each according to his needs.” That is, according to Karl Marx. In spite of it’s failure worldwide, Socialism and Marxism continue to live on in dictatorships and the minds of misguided “elitists” who believe that everyone should be equal in all things.

Socialism, or Collectivism, made inroads into U.S. education and there it remains alive and well. Cooperative education teaches that no one should excel individually, but everyone should work for the benefit of the group. Increasingly grades are inflated so as not to damage one’s self-esteem and hurt feelings. Consequently our students perform worse than most industrialized countries in the world. Why work when you can’t fail? No longer do many schools have an honor roll, or valedictorian, that would make some feel bad. Competitive sports is an anomaly in government schools, but the day may come when they too will be affected by the same Socialist ideal. Everyone wins. The idea of exceptionalism is anathema to the Socialist mind.

The problem with that kind of mind set, is when people get into the real world of free-enterprise, exceptionalism thrives. It has to or you don’t have a job. But, if you work for the government or are protected by a union don’t worry, often you can’t lose your job regardless of performance. Socialists strive to add people to the government payroll with benefits, higher wages and lifetime security as a means of bypassing the capitalist system. While the private sector loses jobs, government employment increases. Our leftist government wants to turn the U.S. into a European style country that has no exceptional qualities at all. But the reality is most are facing devastating financial futures with their Socialist entitlement programs.

Leftists do not want any group of people or countries to stand out from the rest. To be exceptional is either to have more than others, to think that you should have more, or to think you’re better than others, all of which are equally offensive. It doesn’t matter that human nature is contrary to collectivism, the elitists know better than God. Since the United States, from it’s beginning, has been exceptional in economics, politics, philosophy and religion, it has been the target of pagans to either destroy or change it.

It has never been more clear as to where Obama stands on the issue than when he was asked at a NATO Summit in 2009 his views on American exceptionalism. His answer: “I believe in American exceptionalism just as I suspect that the Brits believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism.” Only a Far-Left mentality could come up with that. It is in keeping with his Socialist philosophy. That is not what Americans believe, or the millions worldwide who would do most anything to live in this country.

Americans believe differently. In a recent poll, 58% agree that “God has granted America a special role in human history.” The United States is the major donor to world relief organizations including it’s giving to U.N. efforts. A Gallup Poll indicates that “80% of Americans believe their country has a unique character and unrivaled standing in the world.” New York University professor Peter Schuck writes that America’s extensive separation of powers makes a huge difference in it’s governance. He cites that no other country gives like America’s citizens, with low income people giving a larger percentage of their income to charity than any other group. These are but a few of the qualities that set the United States apart. The United States is qualitatively different than any country that has ever existed. Why is that?

Most who believe this, will attribute it to our Constitutional form of government, and also to the fact that we are a Christian nation, regardless of what Obama says. The U.S. Constitution, with its ingenious design in separation of powers, is thought by many to be based on the Biblical passage of God’s dealing with man. Isaiah 33:22 states “For the Lord is our judge, the Lord is our lawgiver, the Lord is our king…” Is this the basis for our Judicial, Legislative and Executive branches? Since this nation was founded on Biblical principles by men most of whom were Christians and very knowledgeable about the Bible, it’s highly likely this and other passages laid the groundwork for our form of government.

And the most exceptional of all is Christianity. While most followers of other faiths believe their religion to be the right one, only Christianity has a Savior, Jesus, who rose from the grave and promises that those who believe and receive Him will have eternal life with God. And because the United States, which actually began as a church relocation project, was founded as a Christian nation, God has blessed this country beyond anything the world has ever known. Jesus Christ is exceptional. The United States has been exceptional simply because it honored Christ in its very founding.

And while the nation has lost territory in the assault by evil forces, God has promised to restore a people who will repent and turn to Him. We are exceptional only because God is exceptional, and the people are exceptional because we are Christians. As a result the United States has been a light to the world unlike any nation in history. We can continue to be so if we but turn to God for healing and restoration.


  1. Dad, you are truly exceptional in the most wonderful way! I love you!

  2. Your words are very kind. They bless my heart.

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