Genetic vs. Prejudice

Every so often a female Hollywood celebrity, and others, will get world wide attention as she picks up her newly adopted baby in some African country. The newscasters will heap praise on her for being such a caring person and never mention that this white person is adopting a black baby. We are supposed to be evolving beyond such primitive impulses to notice such a thing.

Thank God for those who will go to great lengths to provide a home for children worldwide who have no parents and no one to care for them. We are familiar with families who make such sacrifices to love and care for one of God’s unfortunate children.

In light of the Haiti tragedy there is an outpouring of compassion as many are wanting to adopt the many babies and children who are now without parents. Relative to Haiti, an interesting report was presented recently on ABC that questioned whether or not a white family should adopt a black baby. In fact the reporter stated that some believe black children might be harmed psychologically in being adopted by a white family.

Gloria B. Roberts of the National Association of Black Social Workers says that “Children reserve the right to be with people who look like them.” Rita Taddonio of the Spence Chapin Adoption Agency believes that “If you look around the table and your guests are all the same color, then you shouldn’t be adopting a child of a different color.” They go on to say that adopting a different color child is not wrong, just not easy. And furthermore if white’s do adopt blacks, some believe you should then move into a diverse neighborhood for the child’s sake.

So when the accusations of racism seem to crop up everyday or so, almost always against conservatives, these positions seem to take a strange twist on the issue never raised in Hollywood. Or is it just common sense.

The ideas of these social workers I believe will find agreement with many folks, and strangely enough by the liberals, only because they are said by blacks. My experience with school children is that they tend to gravitate towards kids who look like themselves. All things being equal, if a large diverse group of people were suddenly thrown together, it wouldn’t be long before each would gravitate towards the ones who look alike. That is simply a genetic factor having nothing to do with any prejudice. The old saying that “Birds of a feather flock together,” is an observation of how sameness genetically operates in our attractions and preferences. Of course there will be some exceptions, but not many.

What does motivate people of different races to freely intermingle are common interests. Regardless of ethnicity, athletes hang out together because they’re jocks. In fact sports participation is probably the most integrated of any human enterprise. Athletes respect and accept anyone on the basis of their athletic ability.

Other professions and social organizations operate much the same. People mix and “hang out” with anyone who identifies with a common profession or interest. The difference is: where does everyone go after the meeting? Studies have shown that school kids may be very integrated while at school, but everyone goes back to their own neighborhood which is comprised mainly of people who look alike. Is that wrong, or hypocritical?

Probably the most accepting group to mingle is that of churches. That is one place where you can find all races mixed together, as well as diverse socio-economic and educational levels. There are some congregations that are comprised of single ethnic groups: the black churches being most prominent and the churches formed because of a common language. All Christians know that “red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight, Jesus loves the little children of the world,” is not just a song learned in Sunday School, but is at the heart of the Gospel. Yet, many, if they have a choice, still like to hang out with those who look like them. It is simply a preference based on genetics.

Liberal ideology has been working hard to instill a feeling of continuous guilt in the white population, even establishing diversity training in universities one of which forced students to confess the prejudice they didn’t even know they had. This is eerily similar to China’s Cultural Revolution of the 60’s when the Red Guards forced confessions from many “high level” educated professionals just before relocating them to work in the rice paddies. For the Maoists of higher education, it is critical that white’s face up to their oppressive superiority and engage in self flagellation just for being born that way. And, by the way, give everything to the minorities because we caused their plight.

And while the Liberals will continuously look for opportunities to label conservatives as racist, it is the Liberals who are the real racists. Bill Clinton, America’s first “Black President,” has an office in Harlem, but goes home to a white wife, and whose daughter is engaged to a white man. If fact, I wonder how many of the Liberals have any blacks in their families? Maybe the highest profile racist person is Barack Obama. Here’s a man who is half white and half black who considers himself a black man, as does everyone else. Why not a white man; that half is just a big as the other half? Or is it a clear example of identifying with those whom you look like? In spite of his white half, he clearly looks black, mostly. If he was neutral on the race issue he would say he is neither. But then again, preference is genetic.

To prefer to hang out with those whom you look like is simply a preference based on genetics, but to believe that you are inherently better than another race is prejudice, and that is learned behavior. God created all of “His children” and no one is loved any more or any less than another. We should have the mind of Christ with His love in our hearts to do the same. If I could dunk a basketball I might even hang out with a different group.

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