ISIS and Progressives: First Cousins

Crazy people (ISIS et al.) and diabolical atheists (Progressives) defy total understanding except for those who know that the cosmic battle between good and evil is really being played out. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between the two, that is, crazy people and atheists. There are many parallels between the two that raises suspicion about which is worse. They may not be kissin’ cousins, but they are definitely related.

As ISIS (Islamic State) and its counterparts the Taliban, Al Qaida and others enter new territory everything is at risk. The most horrendous is the slaughter of human life, which includes Christians, Jews, non-Muslims as well as those they consider defective Muslims. In addition, news items and photographs document the destruction of archeological and art treasures in Iraq being smashed to pieces with sledgehammers. The Taliban used explosives to destroy ancient Buddhist sculptures in Afghanistan. Christian churches and Jewish synagogues have been destroyed. According to radical Islamists everything that came before Islam is defective, has no value and should be destroyed.

The atheists, beginning with the French Revolution and continuing to the present time, did the same thing as the crazies. The blood bath of the Islamists is nothing compared to the atheists, in the form of Communism and Nazism who slaughtered an estimated one hundred million people in the twentieth century. The blood lust and destructiveness is pretty much the same for both groups, that is, the ISIS/Taliban, et al. and the Progressives (diabolical atheists). The current Progressives and far left Democrats in the U.S., both modernized versions of communistic atheism, fall in the same category with their goals and similar ravaging of historical artifacts.

With our President leading the way, Progressives have bulldozed millennia of family structure with their sledgehammers of perverted “social justice” and same-sex marriage. They are seeking to destroy public expression of Christianity by placing unconstitutional restrictions on freedom of religion. If most of them had their way, the shredding of the constitution would not only be through perverted judicial means and executive action, but also by bursting into the National Archives Building in ISIS style and lighting a match to the real one. And in concert with the Islamists planned destruction of Israel, the President is moving along on his not-so-stealth intentional incremental removal of U.S. protection of Israel to make it possible.

Under the Progressives take over of universities, the philosophy of “deconstruction” is commonplace. This philosophy, which is impossible to explain even for its originator, in general holds that most everything that came before 20th Century post-modernism is wrong. No literature can be considered believable. Even the writers and recorders of history didn’t know the fallacy of their efforts. No historical account can be trusted. Nothing of Western civilization is accurate since it was written with a racist bent by privileged white men. All of the historical events are based on the subjugation, exploitation and slavery of peoples who were non-white. And more important since the underpinning of Western civilization is Christian, that renders all of it defective, according to ISIS and Progressives.

If president Obama had been able to get away with it, instead of just returning the bust of Winston Churchill to the British Embassy, he would have taken it out the back door of the White House and smashed it to smithereens just like ISIS destroys the artifacts of history. While Churchill is recognized as one of the most important figures of the twentieth century in defeating Nazism, Obama views him as representative of an imperialistic England with its exploitive colonialism. And like the radical Islamists, Obama leads the way in persecution of Christians by constantly criticizing their behavior and encouraging legislation that forces them to violate their faith. Obama’s claim to be a Christian is the most laughable lie of all. Biblically real Christians are known by their fruit, well, all of Obama’s is rotten.

The most egregious parallel is the Progressives radical participation in death. Since 1973 some sixty million babies in the U.S. have been murdered in the womb. Are the barbaric practices of ISIS any different than ripping a baby in pieces from its mother’s womb and discarding it in the trash? Do all of the deaths suffered at the hands of all radical Muslims begin to compare to the sixty million murders of babies committed by the Progressives? The comment by an Afghani Jihadist that “ The Americans love Pepsi-Cola, we love death,” should be rephrased as, “True Americans love life, Progressives and Islamic Jihadists love death.”

It is unfortunate that the once legitimate Democratic Party has been converted and hijacked by the diabolical atheists euphemistically labeled as Progressives. They are no different from the Islamic radicals in wanting to destroy America, liberty, free enterprise, Israel and Christianity. And make no mistake about it, if the so-called Progressives had absolute power their current attack on all things beautiful would take a blood-lust turn. Their basic beliefs parallel those of the French Revolution, Communism and Nazism. With no opposition they would make ISIS look like a real J.V. team. ISIS and Progressives: first cousins.

(The Bible provides a clear picture of events at the culmination of history, which seem to be accelerating at warp speed. Yes, the cosmic battle is being played out; the battle for the soul of each of us. The second coming of Christ seems imminent and the most important thing Christians can do is to be strong witnesses and continually pray that God will grip the heart of every person entangled in false religion and unbelief. Come quickly Lord Jesus)




  1. Bill Walker says:

    Whew! Get out of Alan’s way! 🙂 Well said, especially the link between the Islamic Fascists and the Atheists. However, the Progressives wouldn’t, I think, destroy the Constitution. They need it to hide behind as they reinterpret (deconstruct) it into something that supports their totalitarian ends. So while they persecute Christians they can still say we have freedom of religion.

  2. Hi Bill my friend,
    I think you’re exactly right about the cover needed by claiming constitutional grounds. I don’t believe most people fully understand that the Progressives have an entirely different definition of just about every term they use. Normal folks hang on to the idea that words mean the same to all of us. It might be time for an app that translates their language.

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