“Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!”

Kids won’t let their peers get away with lying.  Everyone can remember holding each other accountable, and not so subtly either.  “Liar, liar, pants on fire,” was  a socially acceptable challenge.  I was not as frank when confronting Horace (not his real name) about his lying.  I said, “It’s not so much that you lied to me, it’s that I can’t believe you anymore.”  His response was, “Don’t give me any of your dime-store philosophy.”  Unfortunately, this was my business partner.  The association didn’t last very long.

It didn’t take me long to realize I had made a mistake being in business with Horace.  I soon developed a quasi-theory about pathological liars, and this before I had studied psychology.  What ever popped into Horace’ head at the moment was the truth, as strange as that sounds.  He would lie when telling the truth was better!  It didn’t start out that way I’m sure.  The beginning no doubt was either to please someone by telling that what they wanted to hear, or to gain a material or position advantage by manipulation.

When any of us normal folks relay information or tell of an event, the content is weighed against the real facts as we remember them.  When memory fails, we can get things wrong but not on purpose.  However, embellishment seems to be common, I have done it myself, but not with the intent to consciously lie.  Pat and I accuse each other of being “history revisionists” on occasion. I think our problem is age.

It took a while before people had the courage or certainty to tell the truth about Obama.  It’s as though a breech in the wall is beginning to erode more and more until eventually everyone will realize that the man is a liar.  The evidence is becoming so abundant that only the most radical brainwashed ideologue will refuse to see it.  Actually, those radicals know he lies, but that’s okay.  In their world following the Marxist maxim, “the end justifies the means” is a moral directive.  None of us will ever understand why a conscience doesn’t come into play.  It becomes another dimension of evil that Christians and many non-Christians cannot enter.

There is a social phenomenon that comes into play when dealing with a pathological liar.  At first when normal people recognize a contradiction they are taken aback somewhat and do not respond.  Everyone is thinking that it is just a mistake; an accidental oversight.  It is registered, but they let it pass.  With successive lies the confusion gives way to reluctance to confront in order to avoid embarrassment.  The comments become an attempt to explain away or make some excuse for the “misspoken” words.

And finally, when the issue reaches critical mass, as is the case now with Obama, people begin to use the dreaded “L” word.  The dam has been breached and anyone who is interested can investigate and determine either this man has a mental defect in repeating blatant contradictions and “untruths,” or in fact he believes his superior intellect will override the dumb masses in some strange way.  His only supporters at this point are the far left die hards, the intimidated Democratic Party, those who can’t find the courage to see the truth, and, of course, those who wish to live off of the rest of us.  Obama has proved himself to be a blatant liar in the mold of Chicago thugs.  He does not want to relinquish power and will do anything to stay there.

I am finishing an edition of a conservative magazine titled, “”Why Obama Lies.”  It is published by WND, an internet news organization with which many of you are familiar.  The entire edition is a collection of essays by known authors who provide views of Obama from many different perspectives including psychiatrists; these people are qualified to do so.

I cannot emphasize strongly enough that everyone who wants the United States to continue to be the envy of the world because of its incredible exceptionalism, must become aware of the information in this WND edition.  All of the information is public knowledge if one has the time and wherewithal to find it.  This magazine just gathers it all together.  Again, it is entitled “Why Obama lies,” published by WND and can be ordered for $7.95 by calling 1(800) 496-3266.  It is a must read.





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