Madame Hillary DeFarge

Bloodlust.  It finds ready expression in mob violence.  Once it starts the mob takes on a life of it’s own.  Vigilante participants have at times allowed themselves to be worked up into a frenzy committing acts of which, during later reflection, they were ashamed.  The more violence involved, the more vicious it becomes, with greater ease.

When angry people take to the streets it usually begins with marching and shouting, then breaking windows, stealing merchandise, overturning cars, setting them on fire, and if unchecked the taking of life.  But, what about planned bloodlust?  The atheist Marxist regimes of the twentieth century took an estimated one hundred million lives.  Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and other mad men orchestrated the slaughter of even their own people (Hitler included).


Those of such persuasion can go back to the French Revolution for their inspiration.  You don’t like the status quo?  Well, just kill everyone, the opposition especially, and start all over again.  They particularly singled out anyone in authority and whomever represented God.  So, off with the heads of the priests, the King, and anyone else who was suspected of resisting the revolution.  It is said that as one friend was being escorted to the gallows, he passed by Robespierre and commented, “You will be next.”  He was right.  Leaders of Godless regimes never feel safe.


On one end of the spectrum is the French Revolution, and on the opposite, the American Revolution.  Actually the American Revolution was a reluctant war of independence involving God-fearing men, a far cry from the bloodlust of the Godless mob violence of the French Revolution and its Marxist offspring.  Without the bloodshed, yet, it is the same difference that exists between the Tea Party movement and the “Flea Party” occupationists.


It is interesting the debate that is taking place about the supposed assassination of terrorist leaders, especially if they happen to be American citizens.  Everyone, except most Muslims, was “happy” about the death of Osama bin Laden.  Some were jubilant, some were celebrating, some were cheering, but most were just glad he was no longer around.  With or without a trial, he got what he deserved.  But, there is something that just doesn’t seem quite right in cheering when someone dies.  I’m happy when I know that a saint in the Lord goes to be with Jesus.  I can celebrate their old and new life, but not necessarily their death.


Killing, or being killed, in battle, self-defense, criminal resistance, or legal execution is an accepted fact of taking a life, usually.  However, assassination is beneath the moral dignity of civilized society, or some uncivilized for that matter.  Was Osama assassinated?  He was an enemy combatant whether resisting or not, I believe.  How about Gadhafi?   From the video clips I saw, he was apparently begging for his life.  His captors exacted their revenge.  And while he deserved ultimately to die for his crimes, the manner was barbaric.  The Americans who captured Saddam could have easily shot and killed him.  But to their credit they did not assassinate a defenseless man.  He eventually got what he deserved, but in a legal, civilized way.


Madame DeFarge, the fictional character in “A Tale of Two Cities,” seemed to be a quiet person pre-occupied with her craft.  Unknown to others, however, was the plotting going on in her mind to exact revenge on past offenses.  When the French Revolution began, she was in the thick of things, seeing that whomever she chose met the executioner at the guillotine.  They became many.  Her bloodlust took on a life of its own as she cold bloodedly spread her hatred and diabolical slaughter way beyond her original plan of one particular family.


So it is with the power of the Godless.  Without the check of conscience that God provides, wanton destruction of innocent human life knows no boundaries.  Ron Bloom, a past senior official in the Obama administration, made the comment, “We know that the free market is nonsense.  …”we kind of agree with Mao that political power comes largely from the barrel of a gun.”  This was not the only admirer of Mao in the Obama administration.  The Godless of the far left only wish that they could wield the power of Mao in governing the United States.  Since, in their world God does not exist, they only answer to their own twisted beliefs of the nature of man and the role they play in creating a utopia out of dysfunctional, pathological, and demonic purposes.  Their lack of pathological self-awareness is disguised in ideology.


Chris Matthews, of all people, made the comment during the last presidential campaign that Hillary Clinton was, “sort of a Madame Defarge of the left.”  This echoed a similar slur previously stated by the late Robert Novak.  They were prophetic.  When the news of the death of Gadhafi reached Hillary during a break in interviews, she altered the words of Caesar by commenting, “ We came, we saw, he died,” at which time she and others on the set, at her leading, laughed aloud with much animation and an ear-to-ear smile on her face.  Whether knowing or not if she was on camera at the time makes no difference.  Either way it seems to show something very dark, or worse, in the heart of Hillary Clinton.  So it is with the Godless; glee as they watch others pass by on their way to the guillotine.


Is it true that Hillary has taken up knitting?






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