My, My, Children Will Be Children

President Obama, the great communicator is regressing back into childhood.  Like a spoiled child who does not get his way, the thumb goes in the mouth as a pacifier to provide some comfort from that mean old world.  He is not used to being treated like a normal person.

His triumphant entry as the political messiah who would, by his very words, bring peace to the world and convince everyone to follow him, has run into trouble.  How humiliating especially since, before he did anything, he was awarded the Noble Peace Prize.  Surely, surely, he really believes that it should be returned.

After six years, by just about every measure, he has failed miserably.  Not only are people talking about a failed presidency, but also no one, seemingly anymore, is hesitant about calling him a liar.  His record with the Supreme Court slapping him around is, well, pretty much zero.

He burst on the scene, coming to the game, ready to play with everyone in the world because in his deluded mind, they were no match for his skills.  And like the spoiled brat who insists on getting his own way, when he begins to lose almost every score, he gathers up the ball and equipment and goes home in a huff.  In other words, he grabs his “pen and phone” and goes home.  If he can’t win in the real world, he will simply go home and play by himself.  There is no room to be a gracious loser and learn any lessons when you know everything.

This kind of “taking the ball and going home,” is such juvenile behavior akin to the silliness of childish thinking.  It seems as though one of the first clever, funny comments, in their minds anyway, that children come up with is the “why don’t you marry it,” line.  There is a time when most kids will wow their friends with that line whenever one of them mentions “loving” something.  One will say something like, “I love ice cream,” to which the comedian in their midst will say, “Well why don’t you marry it.”  The other kids just howl with laughter.

In Obama’s regressive state of mind his response to opposition could fit in well.  I imagine it going something like this.  “Oh, you love the Constitution, then why don’t you marry it,” to which his inner circle of children howl with laughter.  Like the encouraged little brat, he then takes center stage with, “Oh, and you love unborn babies, then why don’t you marry them.”  More howls of laughter.

President Obama fully represents the fact that some can indeed be educated beyond their intelligence.  So this supposed teacher of Constitutional Law, when his ratings are in the tank, finally regresses to the tantrum behavior of telling congress, “So sue me.” This is exactly the same as meeting with congress, staring at them menacingly with hands on hips and translating his hollow complaint of a do-nothing congress into the defiant, bratty, childish statement that, “You’re not the boss of me.”  But then again what do we expect of regressive maturity, after all children will be children.




  1. Very well stated, my friend…very well stated, indeed. O’Reilly should get a copy of this.

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