No Mas Pantalones

My oh my, will it ever end?  It seems like every day brings out another video from the past where our president is recorded making an emphatic statement that is so clear it cannot be misunderstood.  He takes a stand usually with moral indignation that if anyone takes the opposite position it is exploiting the people at the very least, and worse, an unpatriotic traitor.  And of course the problem is that he, yes the president, becomes the very one doing exactly what he himself condemned.  And that with a straight face.

The loyal supporters who have incomprehensibly believed he could do or say nothing wrong are beginning to have second thoughts.  In fact, a most recent poll has 55% of party supporters in the last election wishing now they had not voted for him.  Considering his heretofore irrationally attributed messianic purity, this latest poll is nothing short of seeming divine intervention but of a different kind.  The times, they may be a changin’.

For us more logical, empirical minded folks (meaning ‘common sense’), we have been in a state of numbing disbelief.  Disbelief, as in why can’t everyone see clearly that the emperor has no clothes?  Never could a fairy tale be more fitting.  The normal person could not utter such contradictions on varieties of topics without being totally embarrassed.  But the president seems to have no shame and is not   bothered by the flip-flops and only when the publicity is overwhelming does he offer an explanation.  Even then his droning rhetoric never admits entire blame, but offers more of the same.  It’s never his fault.

Many have written about pathological liars including my comments elsewhere about a business partner in the distant past who exhibited the same sociopathic flaw.  When confronted with my statement to the effect that the lies were not as damaging as the fact that I could not believe him any more, he countered with, “Don’t give me any of your dime store philosophy.”  No guilt.  Well, it now seems as though the millions of people being damaged by “Obama Care” are beginning to take notice.  The polls are beginning to show that the president’s loyal subjects are saying the same thing, which is, “I don’t believe you any more.”

Most conservatives are Christians, and most liberals are not.  Christians have second thoughts about lying (they have an active conscience) and are more compelled to tell the truth.  Most far left liberals have no such compunction, having fully accepted the Marxist premise that “the end justifies the means.”  Otherwise how do you explain our president being caught in lie after lie?  His behavior is permeating society in a lowering of the moral bar across the social landscape.  Why else would an American car maker run an ad where a young babysitter will lie about her fee (raising it) only because the adult is driving an expensive car?  Exploitation, class warfare, deception, irreverence, spying, the 1%, free cellphones, Obama’s “stash,” or “fiddling (vacations; golf) while Rome burns,” will be his legacy.

I have read before that any member of a congregation will not rise above the spiritual level of the pastor.  That should not be true, but I have seen it in operation too many times.  Similarly, as the Bible states, “bad company ruins good morals.”  Our president claims to be a Christian.  He is not.  Another lie.  Christians, real Christians, cannot support abortion, same sex marriage, theft (income redistribution), lying and other behavior that belies his profession of faith.  Can the president set a moral tone that ravages the social structure of a country?  It appears so.

The old accusation, “liar, liar pants on fire,” has had a new twist thanks to an insurance company’s ads.  There will be a judgment day for all of us when the scales will be balanced.  When our president stands before the judgment throne of God his inner being will be laid bare.  He will stand before God, naked if you will, and I can’t help imagining that God will be thinking, “No Mas Pantalones.”

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