Obama: Back to the Future

I was a college student during the Radical Sixties. I remember walking across campus one day when the National Guard marched in front of the Student Union Building to stop some students from destroying the United States flag, among other things. Student rebellion was happening across the country with varying degrees of violence – ours didn’t amount to much – ninety-nine percent of the student body didn’t pay any attention thinking they were just a bunch of hippies probably smoking pot. We had more important things to do, like get an education, get a job and be responsible citizens.

Around the country there were other student protests going on having to do with Free Speech, Anti-War, Radical Feminism, Free Sex, Black Liberation, Anti-American, and other anti-something-or-other, and liberation for anyone who for what ever reason needed liberating. Most of us didn’t realize that the seeds were being sown for a future harvest of grand proportions.

What we did take seriously though, was the utter disregard for the traditions, customs, civility and the like, that these “pot smokers” were not only ignoring, but purposefully trampling on. There are certain things in a culture that have a history of having been tried and tested over sometimes many centuries and as a result survive as worthwhile standards of conduct and behavior. That is much of what defines many core values of Conservatism. Change just for change sake is a waste of time that only those without meaningful or productive jobs seem to have time for. These radicals had no respect for anyone or anything. They were beginning to play out their pathology and soon found out that certain organizations and groups would give in to their ridiculous demands; those sympathetic to the Marxist cause.

Of course the Radical Sixties change artists were interested in wholesale change because they hated America. They hated freedom. They hated free-market capitalism. They hated families. They hated sexual mores. They hated laws. And most of all they hated Christianity because it was a direct threat to everything they believed in. Marxism. If they couldn’t win the hearts and minds of the people, something no collectivist or totalitarian ideology has ever done, they would use violence to start a revolution. None of us knew at the time what their agenda was, except for those few who were serious students of Communist history. The rest of us believed that they were like so many mosquitos, swat ‘em away, they’d die off eventually. What we didn’t know was that the disease they carried, some type of resistant Marxist Malaria, would infect the society with a dormant cancer that would metastasize over the next few decades.

The radicals, who seemed like so many adolescent delinquents, couldn’t get the proletariat to man the barricades so their Marxist revolution sort of just, “petered out.” Now you’d think that in the United States where the standard of living for the poorest, is a life of plenty compared to the majority of the rest of the world, and potential revolutionaries not finding fertile ground, would give it up and become real estate brokers. But, we underestimated the degree of pathology that inhabited the recesses of the far-left liberal mind. Their real attachment-disorder dysfunction would have none of that. They needed a real “mommy and daddy”, someone who cared, but since they hated Jesus’ real solution even more, their illness remained intact and they had no recourse. So where did they go?

Well, some wandered off and started communes in the mountains, some became hardened drug users, many went back to school to become future college professors, lawyers, judges, media professionals, and some actually resolved their attachment-disorder pathology to became normal people, maybe even real estate brokers. The radical students of the sixties grew up and moved into many professions but their pathology remained intact.

In retrospect it is not difficult to understand that the Black Liberation Movement would grow up a Jeremiah Wright who would parrot the exact hatred for America in his “God damn America.” However, he was now masquerading as a man of God and tutoring Barack Hussein Obama for some 20 years.

Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn (sixties domestic terrorists) of the Weather Underground, who tried to start a violent Communist revolution, are now a “distinguished” professor of education and associate professor of law, respectively. Addressing a sixties Weathermen group Dohrn commented about the Charles Manson murders with apparent approval, “Dig it! First they killed those pigs and then put a fork in pig Tate’s belly. Wild!” Does that reveal pathology? It’s interesting to note that the powers to be that would not allow David Duke, with his racist beliefs to be a licensed lawyer, had no problem allowing Bernardine Dohrn with her background in unrepentant domestic terror to be a professor of law. A better example of the far-left controlling higher education would be hard to find. In their Communist Manifesto “Prairie Fire”, Ayers wrote, “We are a guerrilla organization. We are Communist women and men…” Neither one has denounced former violent ways and Marxist beliefs. They are now in positions of influence, indoctrinating impressionable minds with their pathological poison. Obama has a long history of personal association and friendship with these people.

Obama’s Community Organizer work, the only work experience he ever had, was the direct outgrowth of the Radical Sixties and it’s godfather Saul Alinsky. Alinsky was a Marxist and strategist for the anti-establishment radicals and revolutionaries of the sixties. He considered Hillary Clinton to be one of his best students. When training community organizers, Obama used Alinsky’s book “Rules for Radicals”, written for the sixties revolutionaries. Commenting on the book, Obama considered it “The best education I ever had.” What!!??

Following the tactics that would have made Lenin and Stalin proud, Alinsky taught that the best strategy to effect “change” was to infiltrate established organizations (church, government, schools, media, etc.) to gain influence and decision making positions; to work on the inside. His book has specific directions that can be seen at work today in every facet of far-left organizations. In paying tribute to revolutionary activities Alinsky stated, “the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom – Lucifer.” However, Alinsky left out that of which he was apparently ignorant. The kingdom of Beelzebub has already failed. The far-left alliance with Lucifer is a good fit..

These are but a few of the seeds sown by the Radical Sixties that have grown to be the inner being of Obama. An investigation of every anti-Christian and anti-American movement of those times can be found somewhere in Obama’s belief system.

In addition to gaining power in positions of influence in our courts, universities, and other institutions, the radicals finally infiltrated the one position never thought possible; the presidency. While Obama came along after the actual sixties crowd, the impact on his philosophy is undeniable. He acknowledges this stating, “through books, films, and music, I soaked in a vision of the sixties…..that in style and attitude I too, could be a rebel, unconstrained by the received wisdom of the over-thirty crowd.”

We have a Radical Sixties president, by association, admission, and education. His presuppositional philosophy is nothing new. It is nothing but the Marxist world view of the Radical Sixties, not even disguised. Given the essentially fatherless life of Obama’s rearing, and the oft absence of his mother, he exhibits classic evidence of an early childhood attachment-disorder, the core dysfunction that propels most of the extreme liberals’ drive to compensate for those painful deficiencies by projecting them upon the world. Obama shares those personality developmental problems with the Radical Sixties bunch; he is an exact projection of that time into the 21st century.

So where did the misfits of the Radical Sixties go? Eventually to positions of power and influence, even to the White House.

(This article was written two months before the revealing information about Saul Alinsky was reported by Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck)


  1. Carole Worthing says:

    I didn’t know that David Duke attended law school. Where did he get his law degree?

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