*Pathogens of the Soul

When certain pathogens invade a body, the immune system springs into action.  Usually the destructive pathogen is attacked and destroyed.  In the event that the immune system is not powerful enough to stop the bacteria, it begins to spread sometimes unchecked, then antibiotic drugs are necessary in order to stop the infection and allow the organism to restore health.  Over time the immune system develops memory that will marshal extraordinary forces against those pathogens it recognizes.  That’s how a vaccine works for some pathogens.

In my youth, there were social constraints that moderated the behavior of most everyone.  Society did not approve of abortion, divorce, out of wedlock babies, shacking up, homosexuality, drugs, slothfulness, welfare, flag burning, and other no-nos that were considered indecent behavior.  Of course these activities and behaviors existed, but not in mega numbers, and certainly not bandied about.  No one bragged about his or her sins.

What was it that placed these constraints on people especially since most of these behaviors were not illegal?  A simple answer.  The U.S. was still operating as a Christian nation.  There were still atheists and rebels of different sorts, but they didn’t demand that everyone recognize their brand of “different” or rebellion as legitimate or equal.  The overriding Christian culture had a positive effect on the populace and tended to moderate behavior.  That is now gone.

Sin is like a pathogen.  It infects the person with destructive microorganisms.  The normal control of sin is self-control that does not allow the organism to eventually die of the infection.  That self-control serves as the immune system.  Most people, even those without faith, know that unchecked sin (they don’t call it that) can lead to self-destruction, so they compartmentalize and control their wild side tendencies (sinful nature).  In past generations, the Christian culture served as the immune system for those who lacked sufficient self-control because it was still bad to bring shame upon yourself or the family.  Those who chose to abandon all forms of control found themselves being controlled by the law or worse.

When a leak in the dike sprung in the sixties, the sin pathogen began to grow.  Unchecked by the gradual erosion of Christian culture (the immune system of the soul), the body was overwhelmed and after a few decades the collapse and death has become real and clear.

Example: the abortion industry now pushes for sex-selection abortion.  Liberals voted to withhold medical assistance to abortion-attempted babies who were accidently born alive. And how far gone does one have to be in order to declare, “I love abortion” (recent national supporter)?  The pathogen, unchecked, destroys the organism.

Example: the sin pathogen of sex is being allowed to run rampantly.  Without the immune system of Christian culture, it begins to spread deeper and deeper into the organism as it devastates healthy cells.  The health and societal damage of homosexuality is largely unchecked, and in fact it is the first sin pathogen to be supported in the courts.  A recent scientific study at the University of Texas clearly shows the extraordinary damage done to children reared by homosexuals.  There is a new effort to decriminalize man-boy sexual relationships.  Promiscuity is celebrated.  The sex pathogen is undermining decent society.

Example: the real intention of medical marijuana was to open the door for legalization, and the proponents were not about to reveal their real intentions.  It has become so widespread in California that it might as well be legalized. A new generation finds little wrong with “tokin’ up.” There will be a continued push for all drug legalization.  Unchecked, the pathogen continues to spread and destroy the organism.

When sin pathogens are unchecked, they run through society with increasing devastation.  It takes only a few contracting the Plague, if unchecked, to eventually infect most humans around. And as with newborns that have fewer defenses developed to fight off infections, the young are most vulnerable.  We as a nation have lost the Christian influence in society and thus the immune system that held human behavior is check.

The fall of nations follow a predictable pattern, the last stage being rampant immorality, abandonment of God, and lack of will to defend that for which past generations fought and died.  Death of the immune system allows sin pathogens to render helpless entire civilizations.  Having abandoned God as a nation, are we now in the beginning of the end process where the immune system has been so compromised that there is no hope?  Not impossible.

Well, all of that may sound rather gloomy, however, as all Christians know, there is a solution for the sin pathogen of the soul.  Christ died so that everyone can have access to permanent eradication of the sin pathogen, and it is the complete package.  Not only has He removed the fatal bacteria, but will provide a spiritual immune system to battle it.  And should the pathogen ever gain a small foothold, there is an immediate remedy for that, confession and forgiveness.  In Christ, not only are we forgiven of all sin, but also we have access to the Holy Spirit who guides us into all truth.  Praise be to God.


*I must give credit to an unknown commenter on a website for the Pathogen label of sin.










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