President Trump Teaches Christians a Valuable Lesson

President Trump’s recent address to the joint Congress was an important lesson to all Christians and especially pastors.

It was refreshing to listen to a “politician” who, while all the world was watching, did not give an inch on his promises to the American people. The faceless masses viewing screens were not as real as the presence of Democrats in Congress who loathe, hate and plot the destruction of President Trump. Most politicians will “play to the crowd” for fear of backlash or loss of support if their message is not nuanced or somehow couched in more palatable language when addressing a hostile crowd.

It’s not a matter of lying exactly, but just the ability to obfuscate as politicians do. Too much of this, though, and people begin to see you as a waffler, liar or someone who doesn’t have the guts to stand up for what he/she believes. You win no one with cowardice. During the address, President Trump had many opportunities to “play to the crowd” of Democrats who were staring him down. As one example, instead of stressing, as he did, a “great, great wall,” to be built, he could have emphasized border security with multiple means of enforcement. But, not on your life. Not only was it going to be a wall, and not even a “great” wall, but a “great, great wall.”

I believe this one speech established President Trump as a man of his word. All of his promises will be kept as far as it depends on him. He appears to be an honest man of his word who will not waffle under pressure and stands for the truth of his promises. His other carnal failings are troubling, but not near as critical if he has not the character quality of honesty (It could be argued that his other failings were also honesty issues). He displayed that honesty in his address, at least, in no uncertain terms. There is an important lesson here.

When I can plainly see a man who has been outrageous, un-presidential, with multiple marriages, insulting, displaying many other off-putting behaviors, yet stand up to the world and prove to be a man of his word, I am somewhat taken aback. I think of too many preachers who do not display that kind of character in supporting what they claim to be, preachers of the Gospel. It also includes Christians who waffle on their courage during times of stress. To be honest, I will include myself in the mix of people who would at times prefer to be quiet in the face of hostility.

I watched recently the interview of a mega-church pastor, beloved by millions, who was making the circuit promoting his new book. Of course there is always a “gotcha” question, which now is usually about the “sin” of homosexuality. This pastor is well known for “dodging and weaving” when put on the spot.   All he kept saying was something like, “God loves everyone and so do I.” This happens with increasing frequency today as the issue of Biblical truth is under fire and too many pastors want to protect their enterprises of “Churchianity.” It is strange to see our President with his checkered background stand his ground to be honest about promises regardless of the consequences, compared to the performance of way too many Christians including pastors waffling and folding under pressure.

You might say, well, the President doesn’t have anything to lose; he can always go back to his billion dollar businesses and do just fine, whereas the pastor might lose his congregation, donations, job, freedom (jailed for hate crimes) and who knows what all. Come to think of it, there were not a few Christians in history that lost all of that plus their lives. Foxe’s Book of Martyrs was first published in the 1500’s and detailed Christian martyrs who never denounced their faith and lost their lives. An up-dated edition chronicles martyrs from 33 A.D. up to current times.

Typical of the martyrs of old up through today, the words of Jesus’ disciples Peter and John should be the response of all believers. When brought before the Sanhedrin (Jewish court system), and ordered to stop speaking and teaching in the name of Jesus, their answer was: “Judge for yourselves whether it is right in God’s sight to obey you rather than God. For we cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard (Acts 4:19,20)” They walked and talked with Jesus before and after His resurrection and knew with absolute certainty of which they testified. All but one of the twelve Apostles ultimately gave their lives for that testimony. The reality of the indwelling Holy Spirit in born again believers is all that is necessary to stand for knowing the truth of Christ Jesus and His Word.

It is certainly strange that a man of President Trump’s background could have a message for Christians and pastors (everyone actually). But then again, God has spoken to his people throughout history by means of the unlikely. I believe He has done so with our current President at least in this instance. Not directly in words of prophecy, but by the example of being true to his word and promises. That kind of honesty was on display to the entire world and is indeed a refreshing rarity.







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