Put ’em up! Put ’em up!

Most people can at times identify with the anthropomorphic Cowardly Lion who when faced with a challenge tried to strike as formidable a fighting pose as possible, and with as gruff a voice as possible said, “Put ‘em up”, “Put ‘em up! He then wilted at the first opposition.

I remember a time in Junior High school where I did sort of the same thing, except I was spared the wilting. The school I attended was a rough one that had the distinction of having the Principal jumped on the school grounds and put in the hospital. After that he never strayed too far from the front door.

My incident was a posturing in front of my friends in challenging a lone “opposition party” to a fight. Actually my group was the one pushing me into it. I really was never much of a fighter, but as an adolescent you couldn’t back down in front of your peers. I was glad that the other guy had more sense and backed down, and well he should have with no back-up. And fortunately for me the other guy didn’t wait until I was alone to pick up where we left off..

That’s the way it works in life. People get real mouthy in front of their friends, and in the young years may pay the price when the friends aren’t around. Actually, it works the same for grown-ups too at times. It’s really entertaining to watch governing bodies in other countries occasionally give up the debate and start throwing punches, and chairs.

Our political climate is such now that at any time I expect someone to punch Bill O’Reilly or vice versa. The one who is way over due is Keith Olberman. His vile rhetoric flows unabated. I intentionally watch all networks and commentators to stay abreast of the talking points and positions of the political spectrum (you have to know what the enemy is up to). Most of them are tolerable even though Pat is probably tired of me shouting at the T.V. on occasion, “Oh Shut Up!”

Keith Olberman is an exception. I can hardly stand to watch him. He has taken the play book of Saul Alinsky to levels that should be an embarrassment in its juvenile name calling. Even though MSNBC has no appreciable viewing audience, and may eventually go by the way of Air America, Olberman’s rants of vile spewing probably goes up inversely proportionate to his viewers numbers.

Olberman is the perfect example of Bernie. Bernie was a kid in the neighborhood who everyone wanted to beat up, if we could ever lure him away from his front porch. He would mouth off and act big and tough before he ran and hid behind his mommy. To be a “mommy’s boy” and count on her for protection is the worse thing a kid can do. Bernie would never, and I mean never stand up to anyone in the neighborhood.

Olberman is a reincarnation of Bernie. He mouths off and then hides behind the “mommy’s skirts” of MSNBC. He will never venture off the porch and debate anyone. When he makes some outrageous statement beyond the pale, a superior intellect like say, Ann Coulter, will write a column exposing his shallowness and clearing the record. If he had any guts he’d have Coulter on his show. That will never happen because, quite frankly, behind his front porch bravado he is, how can I say it….., maybe….., a little chicken-hearted?.

The modern media has made it possible to attack people and spew out all kinds of vile evil with impunity. In the old days when someone insulted you it was more of a face-to-face event. In those instances I believe people were more civil because everyone was within reaching distance.

Now, the idea that you had to watch your mouth or someone would close it for you, seems pretty primitive in our civilized society. The elitist intelligentsia would shudder at the thought of such barbarian interaction, being of course, not worthy of inclusion in their world. They are way too evolved for such disgusting beneath-their-dignity behavior. After all they will prove their superiority with brilliant intellect and dazzling word games. With such, they should rule the world (sounds like Obama).

Regardless of how far along humans have developed socially and civilly, there remains a ubiquitous quality that is hard wired into the human psyche. When all else fails, power is the one factor that will prevail. And that is the power to “whip-up” on those who threaten you. We have been created to survive. It’s either “fight” or “flight.” And with all things being equal it often means fight. Although he suffered mightily for it, I believe the majority of real Americans are still in the George Bush camp of “Bring it on.”

One classic example of the “big mouth” being challenged to, oh my goodness, violence (say it real quick and no one will hear it), was between the late William F. Buckley and Gore Vidal in 1968 at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago. During a live T.V. debate, Vidal, another elitist intellectual, believed his words somehow provided an invisible protection when he told Buckley to “Shut up”, followed by, “As far as I am concerned, the only sort of pro- or crypto-Nazi I can think of is yourself.” Buckley, of far superior intelligence (to most people in fact), countered with, “Now listen you queer, stop calling me a crypto-Nazi or I’ll sock you in the g..d… face and you’ll stay plastered.” That no doubt included a couple of insider references.

The most recent memorable confrontation occurred at the Republican National Convention in 2004. Chris Matthews of MSNBC (another one) continued to press former Democratic Senator Zell Miller who finally in exasperation said, “I wish we lived in the day where you could challenge a person to a duel, that would be pretty good.”

There comes a time when you can’t hide behind words or “mommy,” in whatever form, to protect you from treating other people with dehumanizing disrespect. There are many others, almost exclusively liberals, who hide behind something or other and with their vile language constantly strike a pose and yell, “Put ‘em Up, Put ‘em Up! But like Bernie, they have not the courage to get off the porch lest they have to back it up. The real Americans say, “Bring it on.”


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