Squeezing Out of Life

He started in the “Police Action” of Korea serving with the Marines, and later fought in Vietnam.  His ninth grade education didn’t prepare him for much more than physical labor.  Married at seventeen he began early having a family with children to support.

 A self-admitted type A personality, with a professed ADD problem, he thrived on action.  Too much of that can be a problem if risky behavior is added to the mix.

 Part of that risky behavior resulted in a head on motorcycle accident that broke 20 some bones in his body among other life threatening injuries.  According to him, he was thought to be dead at least twice, the second being an extended period of time as the medical team worked feverishly to restore vital signs.

During that time he describes an “out of the body” experience that astounded the medical personnel, at a later time, as he describes items, places and conversations that would have been impossible for him to know about laying on the gurney.

A prognosis of never walking again was a challenge to prove them wrong.  Taking charge of his own long-term rehabilitation, he enrolled in Chiropractic school, studying in two separate schools for a period of seven years.  Through the use of chiropractic and homeopathic treatment he not only walked, but also was essentially back to pre accident condition.

Dr. Taylor practiced as a chiropractic physician for some fifteen years before retiring.  He yet does some treatment out of his RV as he travels.

His latest project was to build a helicopter and learn to fly it.  He just might well be on his way back to that gurney.

In squeezing everything out of life for this soldier of fortune, he almost got the life squeezed out of him.

Before he left, I told him that increasingly I did not believe in coincidence, and that God had planned our meeting.  I told him I didn’t know for what purpose, and may never know for sure, but that it was not anything to be concerned about, it was just arranged by God for some reason.

Sitting in our living room, Pat and I had a fascinating conversation with Dr. Taylor for some two and a half hours.  And the fascinating thing?  We had never in our lives seen him before.  Two and a half hours earlier the doorbell rang and there stood the man we had never met.  He told us the above story.

We talked about the Lord and a variety of spiritual issues.  I don’t know, maybe he was an angel?





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