The “Dafis” Political Party

Definition:  Daffy: silly, foolish, crazy

With the help of my wife Pat, we came up with a silly acronym for those who, in spite of the evidence, will vote for Obama in this year’s election.  The party identification comes from the term “Daffy” and is our special acronym spelling of it’s plural.

 1.  The first letter, “D,” is for the Die Hard Democrats who will vote for a Democratic candidate regardless of the evidence that may even be contrary to their beliefs.  I can sort of identify with that mindset in that for years I called myself a Democrat simply because my mother said the Democrats were for the poor people and boy were we poor.

Eventually, I realized that the Democrats went beyond lending a helping hand and enabled people to depend on the government to disabling extents.  I never ceased to be amazed that professed Christians will vote for Democrats who advocate the killing of unborn babies.  God is grieved by the death of more than fifty million unborn babies in the shameful abortion holocaust approved by the U.S. Supreme Court.  And for all of those who have been supporters, there will be a judgment day.  The innocent Democrats that have a real heart for people, simply don’t understand that real help doesn’t come in welfare, but holding people accountable.

2.  The second letter, “A,” is for Atheists who will always vote for Democrats simply because Democrats are usually unbelievers.  That’s right.  It is yet necessary as a politician in the U.S. to claim belief in God.  Obama knows that if he tells the truth about his unbelief (or Muslim) it will cost him votes.  The Atheists know he doesn’t believe; they can spot a hypocrite and deceiver quicker than Waldo since they occupy the same pod.

I will grant that there are some Atheist Republicans who will believe in   conservative principles simply because they have figured out that those ideals are hard wired into humanity, and work best for society.  And because of this they recognize that Christians, and hence Republicans, are the ones who understand better than others how government should operate.  It takes a very well adjusted Atheist individual with keen intellect not to believe in Marxist/Socialist theory; they are few in number.

3.  The third letter, “F,” is for Freeloaders who are looking for a way to mooch off of anyone and the government is the biggest sucker.  And once again the Democrats work to create a dependent class who will continue to vote them in to keep their free lunch.

Generations of welfare families have had self respect and self-reliance conditioned out of them and shamelessly expect patronage.  And like the Skinnerian rats, they are conditioned to a dehumanizing state of learned helplessness.  We must be careful to point out that those in society who cannot provide for themselves or their families as a result of mental or physical problems, must, and not grudgingly, be taken care of by the rest of us.  That is the Christian thing to do.

4.  The fourth letter, “I,” is for the Ignorant people who don’t have a clue and vote with no knowledge of ideologies or personalities and cast votes usually on feelings.  Ignorant means unlearned.  We are all ignorant in some areas.

This group usually includes all of the new first time voters, college students, and those who don’t know much about politics and simply show up on election day to vote for whomever looks cool on TV or is the best liar.  Many of these people have good intentions, but they haven’t lived long enough, have been brainwashed by college professors or have not learned enough to know where they stand on important worldviews.  I must include “undecided” voters in this group as well.

It appears that the undecided vote is the one that often tips the scale.  Undecided in primaries is normal, but undecided in general elections is mysterious to me.  The only thing that undecided seems to mean is that they are concerned about what’s in it for them, or they haven’t thought through the tough process to arrive at a personal worldview.  I would think that since lines are pretty well drawn between the polarized parties, undecided would be a real confused bunch.

5.  And finally the letter “S,” is for the Socialists/Marxists who want to tear down and rebuild America in the model of every nation that has tried it and failed.

Other than the dupes who follow simply for excitement, envy, hatred, hooliganism or violence, the Socialists/Marxists are usually hardened ideologues that practice this philosophy as a religion.  All of them atheists, or at least non-believers, have a driving force for the “fundamental transformation of America” to achieve a non-existent social and economic utopia.

The twentieth century was unparalleled in the slaughter of humanity estimated at over 100 million people, in the name of Socialist Marxism.  Those who lead this ideology are morally bankrupt at the least, but usually psychologically pathological in their murderous demonic driven psychosis.  Does that sound extreme?  All one has to do is study the leaders’ background.  Day and night does not even begin to register the difference between these men compared to the Godly character of the founding fathers of the United States.  But then again there is the same difference between God and Satan.

I am certainly “daffy” in some areas.  But when it comes to God and His principles, which include economic and social, I pray for the wisdom that He promises.







  1. Well said Granddad. I think I’m a fan of this descriptive acronym. I’ll be sure to pass it along. 🙂

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