The Real Obama-One Glimpse at a Time

One of the major political differences between the left and the right, is the position held with regards to the value of human beings. A simple explanation is religious. Most far left, and many not-so-far left folks do not believe in God. While they may not admit so, and may even claim to be Christian, as does Barak Hussein Obama, their political positions require them to do so. If we continue to see the erosion of faith in the U.S., however, don’t be surprised if Michael Newdow someday founds a national “Atheist Political Party.” Actually, the atheist “Communist Party” still runs candidates.

For an atheist there is no sanctity of life. Human beings are merely the result of the mindless, soulless, Godless, process of evolution. A human being, therefore, is of no greater value then say, a tree, or anything else that just accidentally evolved. To the Christian, however, that is not the case. Every human being that has ever existed is of inestimable value since we all are created in the image of God. We possess that divine spark that has a place in eternity. We have a soul.

And while the left claims to have the best interests of the common man at heart, at least that is what they proclaim, they provide too many examples of the opposite exposing their hypocrisy. Abortion is one glaring example. In his unequivocal support of abortion including the most heinous partial birth abortion, Obama displays his callous disregard for the sanctity of life with his comment that if one of his daughters ever made a mistake and got pregnant, he would not want her to be “punished with a baby.” How about being “punished” with a lifetime of certain psychological and very possible physical scars as the result of her fathers blessing to kill her unborn baby. Now, I wonder if both of his daughters were planned. If not, according to Obama, he and his wife may have a child with whom they are being “punished.” Unplanned pregnancies would certainly fall under the category of mistakes, would they not? So, it is perfectly acceptable to kill an unborn baby rather than giving birth and spending your life being punished. Far from being punished, Sarah Palin and family chose to welcome into the world a known downs syndrome baby because it was a gift from God. The far left and their cohorts in crime, Planned Parenthood, are aghast at such foolishness, for it flies in the face of their morbid philosophy, yet they love the common person so very much.

Another Obama issue that raises a question for me is his addiction to nicotine. When asked on occasion how his quitting smoking was going, he was very evasive. Now if he really has stopped, he wouldn’t hesitate to brag about his success. However, since he has not quit, really, he doesn’t want to be caught in a lie, so he doesn’t ever really answer the question. Now I know how difficult it is kick the cigarette habit of nicotine addiction, it was for me. But whether he has quit or not is not the question to ask. The important question is, “President Obama, has your smoking been in your home with the family present, or have you always stepped outside in consideration of their health”? The answer to that question would reveal the concern he has for his daughters. Or would he pollute his family’s environment since he shouldn’t be “punished” by their presence. With current evidence of the danger of second hand smoke, it is inconceivable that anyone who is half way informed would not know about the hazards. I hope I am wrong about what I suspect is his questionable concern for the welfare of others regarding this issue, especially his family. Someone needs to get an answer to that question.

And finally, as Obama’s family was boarding the caboose for their “Lincolnesque” ride into Washington for his coronation, his youngest daughter was about to step across a space from the platform to the train. Obama told her to be careful and not slide down between the platform and the train, and as an aside stated, “that would sure mess up the inauguration”. What! God forbid that he would have to take valuable time to care for his daughter and be late to his world event. Was his concern for the safety and welfare of his daughter who could have been seriously injured or worse, or for his well being at the inauguration? I believe his response answers that question.

Here are three examples that I believe reveal the heart of Obama and all of the far-left liberals. Their rhetoric is always concern for the common man. But their philosophical underpinnings betray the contempt that is held by these elitists towards the “great unwashed masses.” In fact Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid complained on national television recently that when a crowd of tourists came by he could “smell” them! And if these commoners do pose a problem at any time, why, we should not be “punished” by their existence.


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