The World Changers


McDonald’s restaurants worldwide are all the same, or so they say.  That’s been my experience.  You always know what you’re getting.  One exception though, is the one across the street from the Louvre in Paris.  The Big Macs and fries were the same, except the catsup was really sweet.  Oh, those sweet French people.

But, I’m not so sure that “sameness” holds in our tiny city.  My point has nothing to do with the food.  Several times during the day, our local McDonalds experiences “occupy McDonalds.”  There is no protest, except that which may come from displaced patrons who can’t find seating.  Several of my friends and I occupy the only curved booth in the place simply because it holds more occupiers.  Probably a more apt name for all these folks would be “occupy the city gate,” as in the elders who met regularly at the city gate (Prov. 31:23).  Very prestigious, no?

I can’t say that our usual group of four or five qualifies for the “city gate” bunch, since we are only there one morning a week (some groups are probably there everyday), and our “eldership” is questionable.  I have jokingly referred to our group as “The World Changers,” since it seems like much of the conversation is directed at solving world problems, and brother do we have the solutions.

I thought it would be interesting to chronicle our group’s attempts at changing the world, since we do usually end up discussing things of interest to all, as well as being at times outrageous and downright silly.  We are all retired folks ranging from a former government school employee to university professors.  One retired minister, who does not like that title, still functions as a stealth influencer who attempts to undermine worldly endeavors.  Very sneaky he is.  Their names may not be divulged since they’re not sure yet what may be said about them.  They know I wouldn’t make things up, but they are afraid of the truth.

Having this weekly meeting for a few years now, we’ve got to know many of the other “occupiers” whom we see regularly.  This morning three of them were leaving and as they passed our booth, the gentleman of the group stopped and said, “You know, the people in Washington need to come here and listen to you guys, they could learn something.”  Well, that sealed the deal!  “The World Changers” will be reported on.  Actually, I think what he was saying is they can hear us all over the place.  Sometimes it gets embarrassingly loud.  One consolation is, they can’t throw us out since we know the owner and would picket his house.

So, we will submit a regular report on the group that hopefully will be entertaining as well as informative.  We offer decades of education, experience and a representation of what the good old days stood for.  Occasionally one of the other members will contribute a writing.  Although we like to think that all of us, as a whole, are greater than the sum of our parts (the ones that haven’t been removed or replaced), that wisdom must be tempered with a good dose of reality, which comes with the onset of old age (elder age sounds better), maybe senility, or perhaps Alzheimer’s?  Depends on the day.





  1. I love you and all the World Changers. One of you should run for office, seriously. Since I can’t be a part of this group officially……partly due to distance, my age and gender 😉 ……I’m looking forward to the reports!

  2. Alan Dodd says:

    Are you sure you didn’t mean run “from” office? There are no restrictions on membership except you will have to make at least one meeting a month. We will make an age exception just for you. If you want to remain an “unofficial” member then please contribute with commentary with due respect to your “elders.”

    Love you, daughter.

  3. I can’t wait to make a cup of coffee and read the report! It will almost be like being there myself…almost. 🙂

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